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Designing for Printwhat you need to ask

  • Where will this be seen?
  • What is the best paper size?
  • Is the design the same or different on each side of the paper?
  • Which paper will give you the right quality look?
  • Have I created an eye catching design?

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Design is personal. It is personal to you and to each person looking at it. Good design will get a second glance and get your customers to understand you better.

Great design will create an emotion in each person seeing it and get your message across on all levels.

At the heart of every great design... is the understanding that comes with:

01Knowing your goals

02Understanding your potential customers

03Deciding what emotion you want to create in the viewer

04Marrying that emotion with the experience needed to create it using great design

We are definitely seeing a trend towards correct design for market from the largest companies around; for example, old and outdated logos have been moved aside to be replaced by newer and more appealing ones which are more in sync with the company's goals, consumer profile and self image.

The same message that was so thoroughly thought out in creating the company logo will go an even longer way if we continue this line through the company website, which is its outward face, company stationary, invitations, business cards, presentations and give always.

So let us help you get the updated, snazzy design you need to create that WOW effect you've been looking for!

Some great software we've designed and created recently:

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