Step-in-Side Israeli high end real estate

The idea behind Step-in-Side is providing comprehensive services for selling luxury real estate through the Internet, while focusing not only on property seekers in Israel, but on foreign residents looking to buy real estate in the country as well.

The company offers a complete service package which includes translating the ads into two additional languages (Hebrew and French), promoting the website in Israel and abroad.

The Step inside website is multilingual, so all of its content is posted in three languages: Hebrew, English and French.

The company's objective is to assist its clients in quickly and effectively selling their properties, while focusing on Israel's luxury real estate and on buyers potentially interested in purchasing this type of property.


  • Custom designed website tailored to client's needs
  • Website encompasses many different information schemes
  • Advanced Search Capabilities
  • Built on Joomla Content Management System
  • UTF-8 language based to allow for all languages
  • Cross browser for all major browsers
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