CogMetal - metal industry online

Create RFQs and find customers and products for all your needs in the metal industry.

CogMetal is an interactive marketplace for the metal industry. CogMetal is a marketplace that caters to different groups within each company such as company managers, marketing and purchasing personnel and offers them an easy to use interface to craete new RFQs and send them to potential customers on the one hand and answer other comapnies' RFQs on the other. CogMetal also offers an expansive product catalog from all companies allowing each company to offer prices on their products and any products from other companies that they sell as well.


  • Full tender and product marketplace
  • Allows Companies to manage their own characteristics
  • Several user levels
  • Built on Joomla Content Management System
  • UTF-8 language based to allow for all languages
  • Cross browser for all major browsers
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